directorPablo Larraín
producersJuan de Dios Larraín, Hernán Larraín 

ScreenwritersPablo Larraín, Mateo Iribarren, Hernán Rodríguez
lenght120 minutos
shooting format35mm
exhibition formatDCP

Montalbán is a musician trapped in an unfinished composition. Being a child witnesses the death of his sister who is killed on a piano, event in which a melody is made accidentally. Eliseo Montalbán becomes an obsessed and mentally disturbed musician, trapped by this music: the music composer mortal, edgy and coveted. Years later, another man tries to rescue that original symphony, not knowing the dangers of such a feat. Ricardo Coppa is a mediocre and untalented musician who seeks recognition and success, an all-time Salieri. Together with a group of musicians on a journey in search of his forgotten Montalbán and musical creation, in order to transform the music in an original composition.