Grado 3

directorRoberto Artiagoitía
producersCarlos Hansen, Juan de Dios Larraín, Diego Valenzuela, Pablo Larraín
ScreenwritersMateo Iribarren, Sebastián Sepúlveda, Roberto Artiagoitía
shooting formatRed One
exhibition formatDCP

It’s a sexy, funny and shameless comedy that recreates from the humor the loving and sexual meetings of five couples. Every statement will be an own story, where it is possible to find the most diverse realities of romantic meetings between Chileans: a homosexual man and his friend in the funniest story “The Friends”, a young marriage that sees his relation spoiled in “The Marriage”, three students who seek to experience new sensations in “Shared Department”, a pair of ex-boyfriends who meet again in “Ex-” and the history of a comical grandfather who decides to celebrate his birthday with the company of an attractive young woman in “The Birthday”, the last one, led by Fernando Farías and Patricia Lopez.