directorEsteban Vidal
ScreenwritersFabrizio Copano
lenght90 minutos
exhibition formatDCP

Heroes is a romantic comedy about superheros, in which any person, regardless of their age or generation, has the capability to become one. In an eccentric elderly group of “O.N.E.M.I” employers get a new, young boss with an urgent need to modernize the entire company. This generational shock causes the team to break down amid the biggest earthquake that has hit the country in the last 30 years. When they become expelled and unemployed, they will learn of the malignant plan of a powerful Spanish businessman (Héctor Noguera), which consists of detaching Chile from Latin America in order to unite him to Europe and finally be able to bring his home to higher grounds. Before this, the group of disparate characters, helped by the friend of Manuel, Ema (Juanita Ringeling), will face the most powerful man of the country to save the nation and finally, to become heroes.